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This Budweiser-themed VR headset can also carry your beer, for some inexplicable reason

This Budweiser-themed VR headset can also carry your beer, for some inexplicable reason

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are playing the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA playoffs this week, and that's exciting enough, probably. LeBron James! But Budweiser and DodoCase VR have teamed up to make things a little more exciting, or entirely off-putting, depending on who you ask. During yesterday's game, the first 750 spectators who arrived were gifted with the glory of a Budweiser-themed beer holder that they could also attach to their faces later to watch VR content. It's the joining of two worlds never meant to co-exist: Big Beer and VR headsets!

Beer reality

Four VR videos, featuring locker room tours, player interviews, and an introduction to the Cavaliers "dunk squad," are available on the Cavs' mobile app and Budweiser's YouTube channel, Forbes reports. A few questions pop up in the ol' cranium when confronted with this information: why would someone watch a VR video while at a basketball game — a sporting event they likely paid to watch live? Wouldn't the beer's condensation soak into the cardboard headset and make it a little soggy, or at least not entirely pleasant to put on one's face? Do you really need a carrying case to carry the quantity of two beers? Can you even buy cans of beer at a basketball game? (I thought you had to get them in the cups so you don't suddenly decide to use the aluminum can as a weapon.) Can I get this in a Bud Light Lime pattern?

I would argue there's probably a pretty enticing way to marry the acts of beer drinking and watching stuff in virtual reality (probably doing both at the same time) and this would not be it. I love a novelty item though, and would never refuse this if someone were to gift it to me (beer included).