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The New York Times is starting a meal delivery service

The New York Times is starting a meal delivery service

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David Silverman/Getty Images

The New York Times will launch a meal delivery service this summer. The Gray Lady today announced that it's partnering with food startup Chef'd to provide subscribers with ingredients from recipes pulled from the NYT Cooking site and app. Ingredients will be delivered to users within 48 hours, and the two companies will split the profits. The move represents another way the paper plans to bolster revenue as print continues to decline.

Bolstering revenue

Readers will be able to sign up for one of two options within the new service: the first lets readers order single meal kits designed from recipes in NYT Cooking; meanwhile, the second is a subscription service that lets the user select however meals per week they want, with both the Times and Chef'd offering suggestions based on user preferences.

It's currently unclear how much these meals and subscriptions will cost. However, partnering with Chef'd allows the Times to leverage its brand and readership to increase its profits. The paper already had a wine club with memberships that start at $90, as well as an online store. It's entirely possible the service will launch without a hitch.

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