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Radiohead's new album is coming out on May 8th

Radiohead's new album is coming out on May 8th


The band also released a new single called Daydreaming

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Radiohead's new album doesn't have a title yet, but it finally has a release date: May 8th. The band confirmed on Twitter that it's releasing its first LP since 2011's The King of Limbs and its ninth album overall this Sunday at 7:00PM BST (2:00PM ET). It also released a new single, "Daydreaming," along with a video directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

The album's release was preceded by a mysterious promotional campaign, one that involved its members slowly "disappearing" from social media and the internet, and the release of a new single called "Burn the Witch."

The band has spent the last few years working on the album, stopping occasionally to drive its devoted fans into a frenzy with a studio update or a mysterious picture. When frontman Thom Yorke posted an unlabeled piece of white vinyl on Tumblr in 2014, the hype machine kicked into high gear for a few days, only to die down when the band went silent again. The band released an off-kilter ballad called "Spectre" as a Christmas present in 2015, revealing that it almost became the theme song for the James Bond movie of the same name before becoming "something of our own."

"The new album will be like nothing you've ever heard"

A few days later, Reddit users noticed the band had registered a new company (Dawn Chorus LLP) in October, a move that typically precedes the release of a new Radiohead record. By mid-January, the band had announced a handful of European tour dates and updated their website with new artwork. After a few months of silence, a partner in the band's management company named Brian Message said the album would be released in June during an April interview at a London pub. "The new Radiohead album... will be like nothing you've ever heard," said Message.

Radiohead kept quiet in the years separating The King of Limbs and the new album, but its individual members stayed plenty busy. Thom Yorke released an album as part of the alt-rock supergroup Atoms for Peace in 2013 and released his second solo album, Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, the very next year; Jonny Greenwood collaborated with Anderson and a group of Indian musicians, a processed chronicled in Anderson's documentary Junun.

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