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Synek is a really cool, really complicated way to drink beer at home

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Do you like drinking beer? Do you think beer taps are cool? Do you wish you had a beer tap at home? Do you think it would be great if that tap were connected to a mini fridge maintaining a constant temperature of your choosing? Do you imagine that mini fridge fitting on or under a counter? Do hope to fill that fridge with locally made beer? Do you wish that your locally made beer could be kept fresh for longer than a standard growler? Do you prefer that locally made beer to be stored in a large plastic bag? Do you find it exciting not knowing whether or not your local brewery will be able to fill up said large plastic bags with beer? Do you get enjoyment out of locating sporting establishments that can fill up CO2 tanks? Do you feel comfortable handling CO2 tanks? Do you think you can stop an improperly hooked up CO2 tank after it has exploded out of your mini fridge and begun spinning around on your floor spewing toxic gas? Do you think you'd find fulfillment in nailing the perfect head of beer poured out of a tap hooked up to a mini fridge after going through the associated trials involved in filling it with beer and CO2 and hooking up said beer and CO2 and not destroying any thing or person? If so, you may like Synek.