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Claymation Doom is just as gruesome as the real thing

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If there's one thing Doom is known for, it's violence. Since the original, the series has been defined in part by its gruesome monsters, giant weapons, and copious amounts of blood. It turns out that doesn't change when you swap out 3D graphics for clay. In fact, things get even more violent.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the rebooted Doom, which comes out next week, animator Lee Hardcastle created a short claymation vision of the demonic shooter, and it features all the hallmarks of the series. There are screaming skeletons, muscular demons, and lots and lots of headshots. It's adorable in a way, but that only makes the fountains of blood seem even more intense.

Also, for some reason, the space marine is now a cat. Hopefully someone creates that mod when the new Doom finally launches.

Claymation Doom gif