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Formula E cancels June race in Moscow

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The championship slips to 10 races


Formula E, the all-electric racing series, has officially canceled the June 4th race in Moscow. The race in Russia was slated to be the ninth in the series' 11-race season.

“While it is unfortunate news not to race in Moscow on June 4, we looked at a number of alternative options as a replacement but were not able to find a viable solution on that specific date,” Alejandro Agag, the CEO of Formula E, said in a statement. “We explored all possibilities including returning to Monaco, but regrettably couldn’t organise the change of venue on such short notice."

Only three races now remain on the calendar across two locations: one race in Berlin on May 21st, and a double-header to finish out the season in London's Battersea Park.

The cancellation apparently stemmed from disagreements with the Russian government over logistics like road closures. It had been rumored as far back as February that the Moscow race was in trouble. While replacement cities (like Monaco) were discussed, the series did not have enough time to find a new home for the race.