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Watch an exhaustive frame-by-frame analysis of the Battlefield 1 trailer

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EA revealed yesterday that it's taking the Battlefield franchise to the First World War, and released an electrifying trailer of early-20th century combat. It was a big surprise: both because EA teased something futuristic toward the end of Battlefield 4, and because WWI just hasn't been blockbuster video game material like later conflicts with more recognizable technology and simpler politics. But Battlefield 1 is about to change all that.

YouTube member Flakfire has pored over each frame of the new Battlefield trailer to uncover its secrets and share some of the real history showcased in the game. It looks like EA has spared no expense on detail — even down to the regimental decals on the tanks. Between biplanes attacking destroyers and machine gunners armored like knights, Battlefield 1 is already looking like the weirdest and most interesting Battlefield game ever made.