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Tesla's newest Easter egg hides a rainbow inside the charging port

Tesla's newest Easter egg hides a rainbow inside the charging port

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It may be an upstart in the automotive world, but Tesla already has a healthy tradition of including Easter eggs in its software updates. The most recent to be spotted treats Tesla owners to a miniature light show — Model S and Model X owners who press the button on their car's charging handle 10 times in quick succession will see their charging port light up in the colors of the rainbow.

This is the second rainbow-themed Easter egg Tesla owners have spotted in recent months. In April, Tesla CEO Elon Musk instructed Model S owners to activate autopilot on their cars four times in a row to see "psychedelic cowbell road," replacing the standard grey road on the car's instrument cluster with one that wouldn't look out of place in a Mario Kart game, and playing the actual cowbell sound sample from the famous Saturday Night Live sketch.

This most recent Easter egg is one of many that Tesla has included in its software updates over the past few years, suggesting that as other manufacturers copy Tesla in making electric cars, Tesla itself appears to be taking some of its inspiration from video games. Last week the announced that it was introducing the automotive version of in-app purchases, detailing its plans to allow Tesla owners to "unlock" the potential of their car's battery by paying an extra $3,000.

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