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The next Moto X could have modular add-ons just like LG's G5

The next Moto X could have modular add-ons just like LG's G5


And way more options than LG's Friends, from the sounds of it

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Lenovo's next Moto phones have surfaced via leaked images over the past few days, and Venture Beat has published an interesting report hinting at some big plans — modular ones — for the upcoming devices. It seems that Lenovo will follow LG's lead in building add-ons that owners of the latest phones will be able to buy to add new functionality to the core handsets. Unlike LG's G5, where the "friend" modules slide into the bottom of the phone, the next flagship Moto devices will have modular backplates. Once applied, the huge camera bump that stands out in photos will actually be flush with the various backplates, according to Venture Beat. The patch of small circles on the back of each phone are magnetic pins and serve as the connection between the Moto X and "Amps" — the Lenovo equivalent of LG's "Friends."

There are currently six Amps in the works, the report claims, ranging from stereo speakers to an extended battery pack, a camera grip with flash and optical zoom, and even a pico projector. That's already a far wider selection that what LG's currently offering. In the US, you've really only got one extra Friend to pick from: the camera grip. (LG's hi-fi DAC add-on is sold internationally but remains unavailable in the United States — and incompatible with G5s sold here.) Droid Life claims that Lenovo will announce these devices in early June at the company's Tech World 16 event.

The possibilities are pretty exciting! If Lenovo retains the Moto X's truly useful software features and opens up new functionality for these phones through modular accessories, well, that sounds like a pretty compelling Android device — if you're willing to deal with a shaky history of software updates.

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