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Lose yourself in videos of people burning things they shouldn't

Lose yourself in videos of people burning things they shouldn't

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I checked my calendar and it's still Monday. We have four more days and some odd hours until the weekend. More than any other day, I find it easy to get lost on the internet on Mondays. One moment, I'm productive. The next, I find my eyes glazed as a glow stick melts on loop.

Weekdays aren't so bad, really. You could even say they're opportunities: to better yourself; to further your career; to set a couple minutes aside to start a new hobby, try a new recipe, or begin a habit of self-improvement.

Or maybe, sometimes, weekdays are just the hours we pass between weekends. Maybe weekdays just need to be empty vessels in which we deposit an endless trickle of videos in which people melt things they probably shouldn't melt.

It's Monday, but it could be worse. We could live in a time in which our every waking moment is devoted to our own survival. Instead, we have to choose how to spend these gaps between work and relaxation. Do we start on our novel? Do we take that dance class? Or do we watch a man kill an ant colony for a horrific work of art? They're all options on a Monday.