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Syfy is working on a series about Superman's home planet

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Another superhero TV series is in the works: Syfy has ordered a pilot for a show titled Krypton, which will essentially be a prequel to SupermanAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will begin two generations before the planet Krypton's destruction (and Kal-El's expulsion toward Earth) and will focus on Superman's grandfather. David S. Goyer, who has writing credits on Man of Steel and Batman v Superman (as well as all three of Christopher Nolan's Batman films), is executive producing the new series.

A pilot order doesn't mean that Krypton will necessarily make it to series; Syfy will have a chance to check out what the show looks like and decide from there. But it seems likely that Krypton will come to be. Superhero shows seem to be faring well on Netflix, the CW, and network TV. DC already has one prequel series — Fox's Gotham — and Supergirl has been well received over on CBS (though not as widely viewed as the major network may have hoped). Syfy may not get a huge hit out of this, but Krypton at least has a built-in audience that's likely to check it out.

Correction: An off-page pull quote for this story incorrectly referred to Gotham as airing on NBC; it airs on Fox.