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Microsoft has made more moola than Apple, Google and Amazon (Rumors from CNET)


Just read an article rumoring MS and its profits.

Any way of validating this, what do we think?

If true its pretty big news but I am not sure as to why they wouldn't be touting this themselves.

The computing and gaming titan quietly let its milestone of $1 trillion in all-time revenue come and go without a peep. But tech consultant Jeff Reifman noticed it while nosing around the company's state tax breaks.

Microsoft shares its place in the trillion-dollar-club with Apple. But while Apple is known for making monster profits off devices like the iPhone and MacBook, it's Microsoft that ultimately takes the profit prize, according to Reifman's calculations: $265.2 billion to Apple's $261.6 billion.

Google has raked in $96.3 billion over time. Amazon, which Reifman says has earned $545 billion, trails on profit with $3.31 billion.

Microsoft did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Reifman is a former Microsoft employee.