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Marvel confirms X-Men TV spinoff series in the works from the creator of FX's Fargo

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Legion will have an eight-episode season on FX

Robin Marchant/Getty Images

FX Networks has partnered with Marvel to produce a full season of Legion — the TV show set in the X-Men universe that follows the son of Charles "Professor X" Xavier — after the network received a pilot episode last year. That pilot was the work of Noah Hawley, best known for his well-received TV adaptation of Coen brothers movie Fargo, and focuses on David Haller, a psychiatric patient who finds out the voices he has been hearing in his head may actually be real.

Hawley will work as executive producer on the show, while the cast will feature Parks and Rec's Aubrey Plaza, Jean Smart, and ex-Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens in the main role as David Haller. It's not obvious yet whether the show will tie in explicitly with the X-Men movies that have hit the big screen in recent years, but the fact the main character appears to be the adult son of Professor X puts it way past the '60s, '70s, and '80s action of the most recent X-Men trilogy. It sounds like Haller is also not aware of his possible mutations, suggesting either that he doesn't know his heritage, or that mutants are less well known in his time frame.

The first season of Legion will run for eight episodes, with production beginning this summer, and the show is expected to air on FX in early 2017.