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Windows 10 will soon let you unlock your PC with wearables

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Microsoft is opening up its Windows Hello feature to allow wearables to unlock a Windows 10 PC. The software maker first introduced Windows Hello as a way to support fingerprint readers and even your face to unlock a PC, but its now extending it to devices like the Microsoft Band. During an onstage demo at Computex today, Microsoft showed how the Microsoft Band or devices like Bionym's Nymi can unlock a Windows 10 PC.

It's part of new updates to Microsoft's Windows Hello Companion Device Framework that will allow third parties to create wearables that support unlocking PCs and more. As the devices will be part of Windows Hello, you'll even be able to use them to make payments in the Windows Store or log into websites in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft didn't provide any timeline for the support, but it's reasonable to assume it will be introduced with the upcoming Anniversary Update to Windows 10. Microsoft is also testing an update to its Authenticator app that will allow Windows 10 Mobile devices to unlock a PC.