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Nokia completes Withings acquisition, will reveal its digital health plans next week

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Nokia first announced its plans to acquire French consumer electronics company Withings back in April for €170 million ($191 million) in cash. While the deal was supposed to close later this year, Nokia has completed its acquisition this week. Withings will now join Nokia's preventive health and patient care teams led by the former Withings CEO, Cédric Hutchings.

Nokia's acquisition of Withings will boost its portfolio of wearables and fitness devices, at a time when the company is making a phone comeback. Withings products including the Activité smartwatch, E-ink fitness tracker, and Bluetooth thermometer. 200 employees will now join Nokia as part of the acquisition, and the company is planning to hold a special press event in San Francisco on June 9th to "share its vision for digital health and showcase its products."