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These official Star Wars prop replicas are gorgeous (and expensive)

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Start saving up for that melted Vader helmet

Are you intrigued by the idea of using Darth Vader's melted helmet as an extremely imposing paperweight? Is your barren mantle crying out for a lightsaber hilt centerpiece? Do you have several thousand dollars lying around for discretionary purchases in the near future? If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you should check out Disney and Lucasfilm's new line of Star Wars collectibles. Branded the "Ultimate Studio Edition," these replicas of props from The Force Awakens — helmets from Vader, Kylo Ren, and Poe Dameron, and weaponry from the movie's heroes — are built within the same shop that produced the actual movie's equipment.

They're working from the original designs

They're all stunning and hyper-detailed, and they come with prices to match. That melted Vader headpiece will set you back $3,500, and stepping down to his acolyte Kylo Ren's rig will still cost $2,000; the hilts of Kylo Ren and Rey's lightsabers are $1,250 a piece. It's easier to understand the prices when you consider the level of craftsmanship that went into the replica pieces: they were made using advanced 3D-modeling and printing techniques, and the prop shop worked from the original designs. They may lack the homespun charm and specificity of the most impressive fan-made props, but you know you're getting as close to the designers' original intent as possible.

The props are only available in the US for now, and some of them are being sold in limited editions to ensure their exclusivity. (Only 500 copies of Vader's mask and Finn's bloodied Stormtrooper helmet are being made available.) The selection's also limited to props from The Force Awakens for now, so you'll have to go the third-party route for any beloved pieces from earlier Star Wars movies. If you're content with the latest and greatest and want to celebrate the movie's artistry in all of its weathered, physical glory, the Ultimate Studio Edition could put a dent in your checking account sometime soon.