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Ace Apple reporter Mark Gurman leaving 9to5Mac

Ace Apple reporter Mark Gurman leaving 9to5Mac


After years of breaking news, Gurman is heading for a bigger media publisher

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Mark Gurman, a reporter for Apple blog 9to5Mac famous for his well-sourced inside information, is leaving the publication. According to Recode's Peter Kafka, Gurman will be writing for Bloomberg. Sources familiar with the situation confirmed to The Verge that Gurman is indeed headed to the financial and business outlet, where he will still write and report about Apple.

No one knows Apple to its core better than Gurman, who began producing scoops on the tech titan at the tender age of 15. The rest of the industry has gotten used to following his coverage of Apple, and taking his endless stories on the minutia of what is happening inside Cupertino's product almost like an official preview of the change log to come.

Gurman's outsized position in the media coverage of Apple was all the more impressive because he worked at relatively small publication. He had the first stories on major products like the iPad and Siri. Tech Insider reported today that Gurman is now leaving 9to5Mac; and the site's founder, Seth Weintraub, confirmed the departure, calling it amicable. Weintraub also said Gurman was moving on to a big media publication and would be based in San Francisco. Gurman called his departure "bittersweet."

9to5Mac has now spawned a small media business, housing 9to5Google and Electrek, a site dedicated to covering electric cars. But Weintraub made a point of telling Tech Insider that Gurman's talents deserved a bigger canvas. Apparently, Bloomberg fit the bill — and it could pay what must be a high price to retain Gurman's talents.

"At Bloomberg, Mark will widen his coverage area to include consumer electronics and other services not only created by Apple but also Google, Facebook, Amazon and other top tech players," wrote editor Brad Stone in a memo obtained by Recode. "He will contribute to Bloomberg TV and Bloomberg's growing stable of podcasts, and his work will be central to the launch of Bloomberg's new digital technology brand, being spearheaded by Aki Ito."

Update June 1st, 6:41PM ET: Added confirmation that Gurman will be joining Bloomberg.