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Google Cast is coming to every Google Fiber TV box

Google Cast is coming to every Google Fiber TV box


Each of Google's cable boxes is now a Chromecast

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Beginning today, Google is turning every single one of its Google Fiber cable boxes into Chromecasts. The company just announced that it'll be rolling out an update over the coming weeks that adds Google Cast — the underlying technology behind Chromecast — to the Fiber box. Once it's installed, Fiber TV subscribers will be able to cast from thousands of apps by tapping an icon and sending that content to their TV screen. Unfortunately, at least at the outset, some popular apps including Spotify, HBO Now, Hulu, WatchESPN, Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD, and Watch ABC don't yet support casting to Fiber TV. Hopefully they'll all enable it before long.

Fiber obviously isn't anywhere close to the size of Google's cable competitors, but it's definitely a nice free boost in functionality that could save you from wasting an HDMI port on a Chromecast; now you'll just need to use one, wherever the Fiber box plugs in. "No additional equipment or setup is needed," according to Google. On TVs from Vizio and others that are built upon Google cast, there's a dedicated "Cast" input. But here, everything happens on the same input that your Fiber box normally sends cable programming through.