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Google's Sundar Pichai says he avoids testing prototypes at home

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There's no Google Home at Sundar's home just yet

You might think that Google's own chief executive would have all kinds of Google gadgets-in-the-works at home, but the opposite is true.

I had the opportunity to briefly interview Sundar Pichai at Code Conference today, and asked whether his morning routine involves shouting at the newly announced Google Home speaker. Pichai said he doesn't have Google Home at home yet; in fact, he says he tries to "keep his prototypes at work and keep tech simple at home." His favorite feature of the personal assistant device so far? "There are moments where I say, ah, it actually understands me," Pichai said. "And that's a big progress for all of us working in this field."

Pichai also doesn't seem to mind his reputation as a "nice guy" in Silicon Valley, citing a long-term views and persistent optimism as key elements of his leadership style.