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Facebook allows users to upload videos in comments

Facebook users can now leave videos as comments on posts and status updates. By selecting the camera icon underneath a string of replies — previously used only to add a photo — you're now able to upload your own video clip on Facebook's iOS and Android app, as well as on its regular site. The feature was prototyped in a single day as part of the company's 50th Hackathon early this year, but was honed over the past few months, Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin explaining that it was "no small feat to add support across interfaces and within two heavy traffic services, like comments and videos."

The social network has increasingly focused on video over the past year, introducing live-streaming capabilities in January, adding a dedicated video tab in April, and signing deals with publishers to produce videos every month. The increased video views have helped drive Facebook's shares up, as features like the new video upload ensure that moving images are visible at every level of its network.