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Mr. Robot concept store lets you ‘hack’ a fake ATM for real money

Looking for something to do this weekend in New York? Story, a concept shop that completely changes theme every few months, has relaunched this week as a Mr. Robot-themed space. In addition to being a retail shop selling an assortment of gadgets, accessories, and Mr. Robot-themed wares, there’s an “Evil Corp” ATM at the front of the store that will dispense real money (up to $50) if you figure out the four-digit code. The clues are hidden around the store, and we’re told they’ll probably change often.

We’re pleased to announce, as well, that The Verge and Circuit Breaker were asked to curate a few sections of the store, including a range of books picked by our editors as well as a few gadgets we’re particularly fond of.

This current incarnation of Story will run from now through July 24th, after which it’ll overhaul itself into a new themed space. Later this month, we’ll be hosting a panel on cybersecurity — details to come! For those that can’t make it, here’s a sample of what you’ll be missing:

Mr. Robot artwork created by Carly Chaikin, who plays Darlene on the show
Story is located at 144 10th Ave. at 19th Street