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EA's Star Wars hype video teases X-Wing game for PlayStation VR

EA's Star Wars hype video teases X-Wing game for PlayStation VR


Plus a lot more

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There are a lot more Star Wars games on the way from Electronic Arts. Star Wars has become a major part of EA's portfolio of games since the company signed multi-year licensing deal with Lucasfilm in 2013, and the video above provides some insight into what we can expect over the next few years — and it includes virtual reality.

Last year the publisher released a rebooted — and very successful — version of Star Wars Battlefront from Battlefield studio DICE, and a sequel is due out next year. The original game is expected to get three new expansion packs this year, including ones set on Bespin and the Death Star. The final expansion will be launching in December.

EA Star Wars

Meanwhile, some of EA's most important internal studios are also making games set in the galaxy far, far away, including Dead Space creator Visceral Games, which is working on a new title with a story from Uncharted writer Amy Hennig. Due to launch in 2018, EA describes it as "an original, authentic narrative in the Star Wars universe."

Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind multiplayer mech shooter Titanfall and its upcoming sequel, is also making a third-person action game set in the Star Wars universe. While details on the game are slim — aside from all of the mo-capped lightsaber fighting seen in the video — EA says that it "takes place in a different timeline we have yet to explore with our EA Star Wars titles." No release timeframe has been given for Respawn's new game.

You can get quick looks at those games in the trailer, but even more exciting is something that gets only a few seconds of screen time — the video also includes the briefest glimpse at a PlayStation VR headset and an X-Wing cockpit. And it's something you can expect to play later this year. "DICE is also working with [Burnout creator] Criterion on an exclusive Star Wars Battlefront VR mission for PlayStation VR this year," says EA.

PSVR X-Wing tease