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Watch the first gameplay trailer for Dishonored 2

Watch the first gameplay trailer for Dishonored 2

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Dishonored 2 — the sequel to stealthy steampunk stabfest Dishonored — is coming on November 11th, and now we've got a better look at how it will play. Publisher Bethesda showed its first actual footage of the game at its E3 press conference tonight, showing a world run by Empress Emily Kaldwin — the same child players helped protect in the first game.

You can play as either Emily or Corvo

The majority of Dishonored 2 will take place in Karnaca, a blood-soaked city with a distinct Mediterranean vibe, called the "jewel of the South" in the game's brutal world. The sequel was officially announced at E3 last year, and will let players flip between two characters — the first game's protagonist, assassin Corvo Attano, and his daughter Emily Kaldwin, now all grown up and just as good with a short sword as her previous protector. Both characters have different approaches, skills, and personalities, but both need to escape the city of Dunwall at the start of the game to avoid the forces of a shadowy usurper to the throne.

Designer Harvey Smith made a big deal of Dishonored 2's beefed-up choices, allowing players to side with various factions in the world, or choose to stay impartial. Combat seems familiar to any Dishonored veterans, but both Corvo and Emily get different powers, with Emily in particular able to use purple mind tendrils to yank enemies closer. Smith said his development team focused on verticality, allowing players to climb higher on Karnaca's rooftops and use the environment to either slash throats, or avoid enemies entirely. New random weather elements will also change how you can approach difficult situations, with dust storms hiding your approach, and gusts of wind powering windmills.

Developing. Check out our E3 hub for all the news!