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Microsoft’s new Xbox One S revealed in leaked images

Microsoft’s new Xbox One S revealed in leaked images

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In less than 24 hours, Microsoft will host its E3 press conference. The software maker is expected to launch a smaller, slimmer version of the Xbox One, and a fresh leak on the NeoGAF forums today is providing our first look at the new console. Sources familiar with Microsoft's Xbox plans had previously told us that the new Xbox One "Slim" would be 40 percent smaller, and the leaked image appears to show a smaller Xbox One in white.

Alongside the image of the console, some specifications are also listed. Microsoft appears to be introducing a 2TB version of the Xbox One S, with support for 4K video playback, and High Dynamic Range (HDR). The image also notes a new "vertical stand" and "streamlined controller," so the new Xbox One S won't need to sit horizontally anymore. Ekim, another poster at NeoGAF has also revealed exactly what the vertical Xbox One S looks like thanks to another leaked image. Ekim also claims the power supply for the Xbox One S is built-in, a first for a recent Xbox console. There's no details on the "streamlined controller," but the leaked images simply show a refreshed white version. We're expecting to hear a lot more about the Xbox One S at Microsoft's press conference tomorrow. A Microsoft spokesperson provided the following statement on the leaks:

Update 6:45PM ET: Article updated to include a statement from Microsoft, and to clarify details on previous Xbox power supplies.

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