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PlayStation VR is coming October 13th

PlayStation VR is coming October 13th


Ready your wallets, folks

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Sony's step into the world of high-end VR finally has an exact release date: October 13th. The company showed off the PlayStation VR at its E3 press conference this evening, giving fans their first extended glimpse at the headset and its lineup of games since its price and release window were announced at GDC this March.

Not much has changed in that regard: the headset still costs $399 in the US — or $499 bundled with the camera and Move controllers it needs to fully function — and it'll still offer users a library of 50 titles before the year is through. And while the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have made successful consumer debuts in the time between GDC and E3, the PlayStation VR impressed us with its comfort and accessibility when we tried it a few months ago. If the headset can retain that comfort and build on the PlayStation 4's impressive sales, it could quickly become the most widespread VR unit in its class.