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Watch an intense new trailer for Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human

Watch an intense new trailer for Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human


'I've spent my life taking orders. Now it's my turn to decide.'

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The unveiling of Quantic Dream's new game Detroit: Become Human was one of the highlights of Sony's Paris Games Week conference last year, and Sony showed it off again this year at E3 2016 with a brand-new trailer. The game is supposed to revolve around Kara, an android who achieves consciousness and figures out the meaning of "freedom" in a world where her fellow androids are used as tools and servants. (The character first appeared in a 2012 Quantic Dream tech demo.) But the trailer didn't focus on Kara at all. Instead, it followed an android named Connor who investigates a crime scene, confronts an (evil?) android named Daniel, and either succeeds or fails to rescue a little girl depending on the player's decisions. It looks like there are a ton of different possible outcomes, all of which are totally intense.

Detroit: Become Human is the first game Quantic Dream (and its head honcho, David Cage) have released since 2013's Beyond: Two Souls, and it exists in the same narrative-centric tradition as that game and 2010's groundbreaking Heavy Rain. The studio's games are always plenty gorgeous, but they've been criticized for valuing style over compelling writing and gameplay.

It's unclear when we'll find out if this game's quality matches its ambition. The game currently doesn't have a release date.