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Apple overhauls iOS Maps with a new design

Apple overhauls iOS Maps with a new design

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Apple Maps is getting a redesign in iOS 10. Apple is calling it an "all new design," but the real focus here is on the interface rather than the look of the maps. You'll now see much more of the map when you open up the app, being presented with little more than a squat search box to get started. The turn-by-turn navigation view has also been pared down, and Apple is now allowing users to swipe to move the view around while navigation is ongoing. You'll also be able to search for stops along your route. These updates are also coming to CarPlay.

In what could ultimately be a much bigger update, Maps is being opened up to third-party developers. Apple says, for instance, you'll now be able to search for a restaurant using OpenTable and then book a ride with Uber. Given that one of Apple Maps' problems has long been having worse listings than Google Maps, opening Maps up to third parties could go some ways toward resolving that.

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