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Apple’s App Store now has over 2 million apps

Apple’s App Store now has over 2 million apps

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Apple announced today that it has two million apps available on the App Store. Those apps have been downloaded 130 billion times since the App Store launched in 2008 and have paid out nearly $50 billion in revenue to developers. That's up from $40 billion in January of this year.

For the 27th annual WWDC this year, Apple said more than 5,000 developers are in attendance with more than 100 of those under 18 — the youngest is a nine-year old girl who Cook said will "make one heck of a developer." Those attendees come from 74 different countries, with 72 percent attending the conference for the first time. The company also announced that it is up to 13 million registered developers, up by two million from last year.

Added to the list of statistics revealed at the show, Apple announced that it now has 1,300 video apps on the Apple TV (up from just 80 on the prior-generation product) and a total of 6,000 native apps. And now Siri on the Apple TV can search through a total of 650,000 movies and TV shows.

Apple is hosting 10 billion documents on its iCloud Drive storage service and the company is handling 2 billion Siri requests each week. More than 100,000 apps have adopted Apple's Swift programming language.

Finally, Apple Music now has 15 million paid subscribers and Apple News has 60 million monthly active users.

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