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We Happy Few is a drug-addled survival game set in a creepy alternate 1960s

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We'd previously only seen snippets of the stylish We Happy Few, a singleplayer survival game that looked like A Clockwork Orange combined with BioShock, but Microsoft's E3 keynote has given us the best look yet at its creepy '60s-esque world. Indie developer Compulsion Games got main-stage billing, a new trailer showing in-game footage that set up its alternate reality world.

The game seems to take place in a trippy '60s version of one of Fallout's vaults, a host of masked denizens taking copious amounts of mind-altering substances to avoid their nasty reality. The trailer shows as the player decides to stop popping pills and starts to see the world as it really is, watching as the "pinata" he smashes open reveals itself as a rat, smashed to bits and eaten up by crazed co-workers. His refusal to stay in drug-fueled denial doesn't go over well with his fellows, though, and they see through his sobriety, sending creepy white-masked police officers to beat him to death with billy clubs.

Compulsion Games previously produced arty platform puzzler Contrast, and revealed We Happy Few at PAX East last year. There's no concrete release date for the game just yet, but an early version of We Happy Few will be available to play on Xbox Game Preview — Microsoft's version of Steam's Early Access — on July 26th.