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Apple announces Home app for iOS 10

Apple announces Home app for iOS 10

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Apple has announced an app called Home for iOS 10 that'll be a single destination for controlling smart home products. Home is meant for controlling HomeKit products, which have been rolling out over the past couple years. There are now a few dozen of them available, and people will naturally be looking for one obvious place to control them all. To date, you've had to rely on third-party apps, which didn't all have the same feature sets or support all smart devices. This should dramatically simplify things.

There isn't anything particularly groundbreaking in the Home app, but it seems to do all of the jobs it needs to. It has support for scenes and includes a favorites section, which should make it easy enough to quickly control whatever it is you're looking to control. The bigger deal is that Home is built into Control Center, which should make it far faster to manage smart home devices. No one wants to be stuck digging around for the right app to turn on their lights.

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