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Apple adds voicemail transcription to iOS 10

Apple adds voicemail transcription to iOS 10


Part of the updated Phone app, which also includes built-in spam detection

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Apple announced a whole raft of new communication focused features with iOS 10 at WWDC today, but really, what we're most looking forward to are voicemail transcriptions. Why? Because voicemail transcriptions are either a) incredibly useful, or b) hilariously bad. Either way, it's better than actually having to sit through your voicemail, listening to each and every message just to find that single nugget of information you actually need.

There were actually rumors that Apple would be adding voicemail transcription back in August last year, but that specified that Siri would be doing the job. (And although Siri was everywhere in WWDC, I don't think the assistant appeared during the transcription news.) Added to this update, iOS 10 will also include built-in phone spam detection, and a new VoIP API that makes incoming internet calls look just like regular phone calls.

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