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Aw thanks, Apple, I can't wait to never interact with voices and words ever again

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Apple announced today at WWDC that iOS 10 devices will transcribe voicemails. You’ll never have to listen to an annoying pharmacy phone call, sales pitch, or maybe even anyone’s voice ever again. (Google already does this.) The company also announced that it’ll be revamping its Messages so that certain words are suggested to be changed to an emoji. It’s called "emojify." Craig Federighi, senior vice president of engineering at Apple, joked that the next generation of kids will have "no understanding of the English language." LOL. Some people probably shuddered at this idea, thinking it means society’s collective doom. In reality, Apple gets what people, or at least what I, want from my phone. I despise phone calls from automated machines, even though they’re often necessary. I hate listening to their voicemails even more.

Are words going to die off, thanks to Apple and Unicode? No, probably not. Will kids prefer to write with emoji? Maybe. Will English adapt to the idea that its speakers don’t want to hear unnecessary voices and read all the words? Yes. If we can simplify communication, boil it down to only its necessary parts, I’m all for it [insert emoji here].