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Watch LeVar Burton and other Star Trek alumni play Ubisoft's VR Star Trek game

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A few days ago, word surfaced that Ubisoft's Red Storm division was making a virtual reality game based on Star Trek. Today, we got our first official look at the team-based space flight game, called Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Bridge Crew is supposed to be coming later this year to all major virtual reality platforms, but you can see it above played with an Oculus Rift, using Touch motion controllers. Behind the controls, you'll also find a few familiar faces: The Next Generation's LeVar Burton, Voyager's Jeri Ryan, and the Star Trek reboot's Karl Urban.

Beyond the many official Star Trek video games, there have already been so many projects inspired by Star Trek's space exploration — from 2D simulation game FTL to technobabble party game SpaceTeam — that the basic premise will probably feel familiar. But the added value here is supposed to be that you'll feel like you're really in the bridge of a ship, working together to explore the final frontier. Just hope you can find enough friends with VR headsets to join you.