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Watch the trailer for Sony's new post-apocalyptic game Days Gone

Watch the trailer for Sony's new post-apocalyptic game Days Gone


It's set in the Pacific Northwest

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Sony's E3 press conference has already kicked into high gear, and the first game revealed after the show's God of War cold open is Days Gone, a post-apocalyptic slow burner set in the Pacific Northwest. We don't know much about the game other than the fact it's being developed by Bend Studio, an Oregon developer responsible for the Syphon Filter series of games on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2.

Sony didn't show any substantive gameplay before moving to other games, but a 10 minute gameplay clip was posted to YouTube before being removed. Having watched it, I can tell you the game looks gorgeous, and Adi Robertson's liveblog description of it as "Cormac McCarthy's Sons of Anarchy" seems accurate: there's salvaging, mammoth swarms of zombies, a variety of combat scenes, and one badass jacket. Let's hope we learn a little more about Days Gone before Sony wraps up the show.

Update June 13th, 10:00PM ET: Sony's removed the Days Gone gameplay clip from its YouTube page, so you're temporarily out of luck if you want to see the game in action. We've embedded the announcement trailer in the meantime, and we'll update the post with an alternate version when it's available.