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Seventh frog sex position discovered in sexy frog sex study

Seventh frog sex position discovered in sexy frog sex study


It's called the dorsal straddle

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Dami Lee

Researchers in India have found a new mating position frogs use when they have sex. Apparently, this is the seventh position ever discovered — and it’s called the dorsal straddle. We knew you had to know, so we put together an illustrated Kama Sutra of frog sex.

The six previously known sex positions, which are used by almost 7,000 species of frogs and toads worldwide, vary in creativity and agility. In most of the positions, the male frog humps the female frog from behind, holding her by the waist (inguinal position), the shoulders (axillary position), or the head (cephalic position). But then there’s a sex move, for particularly rounded frogs with short limbs, in which the male frog secretes a sticky substance and attaches itself to the female’s back. This position is called "glued."

The dorsal straddle is the seventh position ever discovered

In a mating position humans could use if they want to keep checking their phones while having sex, the frogs literally just face opposite directions, their butts — aka their cloacas — touching each other. This is appropriately called the independent. In another acrobatic — if uncomfortable — sex position called the head straddle, the male basically sits on the female’s head.

The seventh mating position described in today’s study is for frogs that want minimal physical contact. The male Bombay night frog mounts the female from the back, its tiny hands not even touching the female, but holding onto a leaf or tree trunk. When the female repeatedly arches her back, the male knows he has to come and then dismount. At that point, the female lays her eggs and the sperm slowly trickles down her back until it finds — and fertilizes — the eggs. Game over.

Here are seven illustrations to help you visualize the positions. Use them at your discretion.


And the new mating position: