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Watch a guy in T-Rex costume dominate on American Ninja Warrior

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This is as good as it gets

In 117 AD the Roman Empire was at its peak. Rome was the largest city in the world, the Empire's citizens made up a fifth of the world's population, and its territory stretched from modern day England to the shores of the Persian Gulf. Now, in 2016, a man in an inflatable T-Rex costume navigates an obstacle course on a show named American Ninja Warrior and a watching crowd goes absolutely wild, we should recognize that the USA has reached similar, dizzying heights.

Unfortunately, that means it's all downhill from here. But hey, let's enjoy this cultural moment while it lasts. After all, when will you ever again hear a commentator sagely observing: "Remember, T-Rex weighs about five tons, so he's one of our heavier competitors," while said T-Rex flails in mid-air in slow-mo, falling with carnivorous anguish into a splash pool. The man inside the suit, Reko Rivera, who has previously competed on American Ninja Warrior without the dinosaur costume. Amazingly, it seems like he did better as a T-Rex.