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New PlayStation VR gun peripheral looks nothing like a gun

New PlayStation VR gun peripheral looks nothing like a gun

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PlayStation Aim Farpoint VR E3 2016

When Sony first launched the Move in 2011, it also produced several accessories tailor-made for its motion-controlled games. For example, meet the Sharp Shooter. Launched with grimy first-person shooter Killzone 3, it embedded the goofy Move controllers into a bleached facsimile of an assault rifle.

Sharp Shooter was one of many accessories made by Sony and third-party controller factories that would, essentially, make the Move look and feel more like the guns / swords / ping-pong paddles emulated on screen.

Last night after its E3 2016 keynote, Sony quietly announced the PlayStation Aim, a new Move-like controller designed specifically for its VR sci-fi shooter Farpoint. The design is abstract, more like a toy than a weapon. For comparison:

Sure, it has a trigger and is clearly designed for aiming, but for an accessory that’s meant to be held while you aim for headshots, the minimalist design here is tactful.

Sony hasn’t announced a price or release date for the Aim. Farpoint is expected to come out sometime this holiday season. PlayStation VR, meanwhile, launches October 13th.