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Google Fiber names Dallas as latest 'potential' city for super-fast internet

Google Fiber names Dallas as latest 'potential' city for super-fast internet


Discussions and research have begun

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Google has officially begun exploring the possibility of bringing its Fiber service to Dallas, Texas. Today the company announced that it'll be working with the city's mayor and other leadership to see whether bringing fiber-based internet and TV to Dallas is feasible. Google will use its usual checklist that takes things like topography and existing infrastructure into account, and the company is quick to admit that launching Fiber in Dallas would be a "huge undertaking."

If the green light eventually comes, Dallas will be the third Texas city to offer Fiber. It's already available in Austin, and Google is currently in the construction phase of its San Antonio rollout. After naming San Antonio as one of its "potential" cities, the company took 17 months before making the final decision to go for it. So Dallas residents could be in for a similar wait before they learn whether Fiber will come to the city.

Google reached out to Dallas city officials about a month ago to gauge the city's interest in becoming a Fiber market, according to The Dallas Morning News. A fast-growing tech sector and strong job growth numbers are partly what lured Google towards Dallas. "That points to there being a lot of entrepreneurs and innovators that could do a lot with high-speed internet," said Jill Szuchmacher, director of Fiber expansion. "It’s our fervent hope that we can soon be open for business in the city," she said. AT&T plans to further expand its GigaPower fiber internet service in some areas of southern Dallas, so Google won't be alone if and when it makes the call to switch Dallas from "potential" to "upcoming."

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