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Curb Your Enthusiasm is returning for a ninth season

Curb Your Enthusiasm is returning for a ninth season

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Curb Your Enthusiasm, HBO's beloved series led by Seinfeld creator Larry David, is officially getting a ninth season. HBO made the announcement on Medium this afternoon, with HBO's programming president Casey Bloys hailing David's decision to return to the network.

"We’re thrilled that Larry has decided to do a new season of Curb and can’t wait to see what he has planned," said Bloys in the official release. David, for his part, weighed in exactly how any fan would expect. "In the immortal words of Julius Caesar, ‘I left, I did nothing, I returned.’"

"I left, I did nothing, I returned."

Curb Your Enthusiasm debuted way back in 2000. As an edgier and more abrasive successor to Seinfeld, the series followed a fictionalized version of David dealing with his home life, success, and the general bizarreness of Hollywood. It ran for eight seasons, and featured such storylines as a Seinfeld reunion and a season-long parody of The Producers. Of course, the timing for this announcement couldn't be better. David has enjoyed something of a resurgence this year thanks to his impression of Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. Anyone who thought that success might lead to Curb's return must feel pretty pretty good.