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VRV, a streaming service for geeks, will launch on Xbox One later this year

VRV, a streaming service for geeks, will launch on Xbox One later this year

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A new streaming platform just got its official unveiling at E3 this evening. Called VRV, the network will feature handpicked content for anime, fantasy, and gaming fans, and it will let users subscribe for either the service's entire catalog or for select channels. Pricing isn't yet available, but it'll launch first on the Xbox One, with other streaming devices to follow.

Variety reported earlier this month that VRV, developed by the AT&T-backed Ellation (itself a subsidiary of Otter Media), would launch with content from anime streaming site Crunchyroll in addition to shows and videos for "niche action sports" fans and gamers. With today's announcement, Rooster Teeth, Seeso, Frederator's Cartoon Hangover, Nerdist Alpha, and Geek & Sundry Alpha are joining the platform as partner channels. Shows like Berserk and Cyanide & Happiness will be available at launch, with more to come in the months ahead.

"VRV was created to unite passionate fans"

"VRV was created to unite passionate fans around the content they love," said Ellation CEO Tom Pickett in a statement. "VRV will be a home where you can discover new channels to love, interact with fellow fans, and engage with creators on a deeper level, especially as we begin to roll out new features for our community."

With the official launch of VRV, AT&T, as one of the companies backing the service, joins Verizon as yet another telecom providing content for subscribers. However, success is far from guaranteed. Verizon's millennial-focused Go90 has struggled so far, with CEO Lowell McAdams even admitting the service was "overhyped" before it launched last summer. And then there's Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Now to compete against. Whatever happens, AT&T has its work cut out for it going forward.