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Bumble partners with Spotify to show what music your matches like the most

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Bumble has partnered with Spotify for a neat integration that could be really helpful when looking for a match. Over the next few weeks, Bumble will be rolling out a feature that allows people to show their favorite musicians in their profile using Spotify. Once the two accounts are connected, Bumble will start showing the artists you've streamed the most; others will then be able to tap on their album artwork to jump into Spotify to start listening.

It's a smart integration, given that musical compatibility can be a good gauge for seeing what two people have in common. Now Bumble users won't have to rely on band T-shirts to show they're a metalhead, bad haircuts to show they read Pitchfork, or Parrothead paraphernalia to show they're undateable. It ought to be helpful both for finding someone you might get along with and starting up a conversation with them.

Update June 16th, 2:20PM ET: Spotify says that Bumble users will be able to prevent artists from appearing on their profile — artists streamed during a private listening session also won't be counted. Good news for anyone with occasionally embarrassing streaming habits. Spotify also notes that the imagery above is not final; the actual integration may look different.