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A good meme gets a second chance

We need a name for the phenomenon in which something hilarious doesn't get its proper due for no reason at all. A name for that confused, "is this thing broken" feeling you have when you send a fire tweet, your best of the year, and it gets one measly retweet from a rando with 43 followers. For that shameful, depleting hope that someone will see your hilarious Slack comment 20 minutes later and give you a pity "lol." For the memes that never take off, even though they should have galloped away with the internet's heart.

Perhaps, (spinning off from the Americanization of schadenfreude) that word could be Ein Pferd Geschichte, which is German for "A Horse Story," which is what this is.

In 2012, this meme was posted on (I don't want to explain the joke because that is how I become old and irrelevant, but here is a photo of a Ralph Lauren signature polo shirt from 1990 and here is one from 2012.)


This meme was tweeted a mere 49 times. Compare that to this joke of acceptable quality from some faceless member of Hillary Clinton's social media team, which was retweeted 480,000 times. The good meme got one ten-thousandth of the retweets as a faceless person's okay joke.

Now, four dark years later, 2016 Ralph Lauren signature polo shirts look like this, if you can believe it.

ralph lauren

That's beside the point for most of us, because few of us (I hope) have the sort of extreme wealth and extreme dearth of self-awareness to put such a lame object of clothing on our body. Ralph Lauren polos are for when all you want from your clothes is for them to shout "I AM RICH. WHAT IS INDIVIDUAL CHOICE? WHAT IS SENTIENCE? WHAT IS THE INTERNET? ARE THERE PEOPLE WHO AREN'T 32-YEAR-OLD WHITE MEN? SCOFF, IF SO!"

Anyway, the point for most of us is that a good meme will always prevail. Take heart.

Just look:

We have not stood for it. We have retweeted this good meme over 7,000 times in just one day. It is 2016: justice has come for this meme, and for once in these United States, "justice" is not being used sarcastically, or in place of the phrase "the actual opposite of justice."

So now, you see, we need a second word. A word for when a good meme gets a second chance. A word for when a great meme rides again. A word for when a meme trots to victory. A word for when all is right with the world, if all you mean by "the world," is "the weirder corners of the internet." Perhaps that word could be הַלְּלוּיָהּ, which is how you are actually supposed to write "hallelujah."