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Here are 128,000 words about Donald Trump, compiled by his enemies

Here are 128,000 words about Donald Trump, compiled by his enemies


Could be opposition file stolen from DNC by hackers

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Gawker has obtained a massive document that could be the Democratic Party's opposition file on Donald Trump: a 211-page collection of Trump's public statements and actions. The leak comes a day after allegations that hackers tied to the Russian government broke into the DNC's servers last year, with one group keeping access through this April. Gawker says the document was forwarded by someone going by the name "Guccifer 2.0" — a reference to the Romanian hacker who most famously leaked George Bush's amateur paintings to the world. (An act for which the world is thankful.) It's not clear if this is really the DNC's opposition file on Trump, but it's definitely someone's opposition file, and whoever made it put in a lot of work.

"It was easy, very easy."

The hacker's motive, Gawker reports, is to be "a fighter against all those illuminati that captured our world." Gawker says the hacker also claims to have "about 100GB of data" from the DNC, but so far has only handed over the Trump file and a few other documents. That includes financial documents that Gawker did not publish, but says it independently verified as products of people affiliated with the Democratic Party. The hack "was easy, very easy," the informant told Gawker.

Most of the file is just publicly available information on Trump, including things he's said in interviews, public appearances, and on Twitter. The document, titled "Donald Trump Report," contains seven "top narratives" against Trump, and a pretty exhaustive list of the controversial things Trump has said and done, up to December 2015. Given everything Trump has said and done since then, the most recent version of this file is probably considerably longer.

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