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Michael Bay is working on a 'gritty' action VR project

Michael Bay is working on a 'gritty' action VR project

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Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Michael Bay is getting into the VR game, and you can bet there will be some explosions. The Transformers director is working on a virtual reality project with a startup production studio called The Rogue Initiative, The Hollywood Reporter reports. Bay will also serve as a "strategic advisor" for the company.

gritty, danger-close action

Details on the project are slim, and it's not quite clear what role Bay will take in its production. The Rogue Initiative describes the project as "immersive, virtual adventures offering gritty, danger-close action coupled with Michael Bay’s signature style."

Another big blockbuster director, Steven Spielberg, recently announced a VR project of his own. And while this isn't exactly a trend, is at least vague indication that Hollywood is starting to feel slightly more comfortable with the idea of VR movies.

The Rogue Initiative says it hopes to develop partnerships with platforms like Oculus, HTC Vive, Netflix, and Hulu, but that's still more of a dream than a reality.