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You can now watch Hulu in VR on the Oculus Rift

You can now watch Hulu in VR on the Oculus Rift

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The Oculus Rift has been out for months now, and one of the more curious quirks of its library is a conspicuous lack of video content — especially when compared to Samsung's Gear VR, which also uses the Oculus store. Hulu launched its own Gear VR app in March, for example, but now the streaming service has gone the extra mile by adding support for the high-end Rift headset.

Hulu says in a statement that the app will be better thanks to the superior hardware afforded by the Rift and PC, enabling a "polished, sharper and highly responsive viewing experience." The app includes over 30 pieces of VR content available with or without a subscription, and Hulu also plans to stream VR concert performances through a deal with Live Nation.

You can, of course, watch Hulu's regular library of 2D content in a virtual 3D theater as well, including a special 12 Monkeys-themed space in which you can burn through the first season.