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Eero's Family Profiles will annoy kids just in time for summer break

Eero's Family Profiles will annoy kids just in time for summer break


Pausing your internet is the new getting grounded

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Schools across the country are just about to close for summer break, which means parents are just about start nagging their kids about getting too much screen time. Starting today, homes with the Eero Wi-Fi system will have an easier way to control which members of the family use the internet and for how long.

Eero’s Family Profiles feature, which will appear on systems with the latest update, can be set up on the Eero app. Here, each family member is given a profile, and devices can be assigned to that profile. The devices can be nicknamed so they’re easier to identify. And parents can set automatic schedules that prevent kids from using the internet at certain times, like when they’re supposed to be asleep. If that doesn’t work, parents can pause the internet for one family member, instantly revoking access for all of the devices associated with that person.

Eero blankets your home in a wireless mesh network that’s designed to ease Wi-Fi frustrations and eliminate dead zones. But it’s not cheap: the three-pack that the company suggests for most homes costs $499.

The parental controls in Family Profiles are the first in a bunch of family-focused features that Eero plans to bring out this year. But Eero isn’t alone: the $349.99 Starry Station router, for instance, already offered some of these features when it came out in May. Network-wide time restrictions can be set for devices, and parents can either use presets like "School Nights" and "Weekends" or create their own blackout times. Creating a ScreenTime rule and sorting one person’s devices under that rule lets you control all of them at once, like you do with Family Profiles. Starry users can also already nickname devices, and restrictions can be set up on the Starry app or on the Starry Station screen after entering a PIN.