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The new real-world Pip-Boy looks like an atompunk smartwatch

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No, we didn’t get to try the Pip-Boy Deluxe Bluetooth Edition, a real-life version of Fallout's iconic wrist computer. But we got an up-close look while visiting Bethesda’s E3 booth, even if the thing was behind glass. (Note: this isn’t the real-world Pip-Boy from last year, an oversized phone case that wasn't nearly as cool.) The new Pip-Boy looks as solid as we hoped it would, and it’s almost kind of stylish, in its retro-futuristic way. Granted, as we've written before, it’s a limited-edition novelty device that costs $350. There is really no reason to buy this, unless you're an incredibly dedicated cosplayer or have a lot of disposable income. Still, it’s fun to dream.