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In honor of the Donald Trump presidential campaign's one year anniversary

In honor of the Donald Trump presidential campaign's one year anniversary

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A smudge.

The deepest, darkest smudge the world has ever laid eyes on is the smudge that comes when Photoshop's blur tool meets a black-and-white photograph of Republican presidential candidate Donald J. Trump.

Where did this horrifying visage come from? Let’s back up. Two days ago, ScHoolboy Q — an LA-based rapper who is good friends with Kendrick Lamar and released one of the most well-received rap albums of 2014, Oxymoron — debuted a fake cover for his upcoming album Blank Face. The art depicted a blurred, but still recognizable, photograph of Michael Jordan. Specifically, it's a photo of Michael Jordan crying during his 2009 NBA Hall of Fame induction speech that has become perhaps the most durable and powerful meme to ever grace the web.

Today, ScHoolboy has released a second piece of fake artwork for Blank Face. It's a similarly blurred photograph of Donald Trump, who is, at this point, a meme in and of himself. The Photoshop on this picture is slightly different, as instead of making Trump's face completely blank (as Jordan's is), it leaves the suggestion of a dark, curling grin, akin to that of the villain in the recent Disney animated film The Princess and the Frog.

ScHoolboy isn't the first rapper to engage with the national nightmare of having a short-circuited Furby sustain a serous run for the presidency: YG released "Fuck Donald Trump" earlier this year and Mac Miller's breakthrough single "Donald Trump" started making its way to platinum all the way back in 2011, when Trump made his second bid for the White House. Is it hard to believe that Trump's head and the horrific spider egg sac atop it will grace the cover of a rap album in 2016? I don't know, it might be harder to believe if they didn't.

Happy anniversary, Mr. Trump. I've only just realized that you announced your presidential campaign two days after your 69th birthday. Nice.

Here's the real artwork for Blank Face, which I do not care for:

Updated June 16th 5:52 PM ET: Updated to reflect that the Crying Jordan and Trump artwork were not real album covers and to include the actual artwork for Blank Face.