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Get inside Rolls-Royce's unbelievable Vision 100 concept car in 360 degrees

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Love it or hate it, the concept car that Rolls-Royce unveiled today as a part of parent company BMW's centennial festivities is one of the wildest automotive designs in recent memory. We've already brought you coverage of the unveiling — but how'd you like to step inside?

Rolls-Royce has posted a 360-degree YouTube video of the vehicle, taking you inside the sparse cabin (seriously, there's not much there, apart from a luxurious seat and some wood trim). Afterward, you can see the roof and door open as you make your grand entrance, presumably at a gala event or the cul-de-sac in front of your summer home in the Hamptons. The video is hosted by "Eleanor," the AI personality that the Vision 100 has co-opted; AI is a big theme in BMW's centennial push, with the Mini Vision Next 100 using a bot called "Cooperizer" and BMW's own car using one simply called "Companion." The function of the bots has been left intentionally vague, though it seems that BMW is gunning for a Siri feel — a disembodied voice that can help you with just about anything related to the car or your trip.

Of course, if you own a Roller like the Vision 100 in the distant future, odds are you'll have a real assistant, not a computer-generated one.