New trailers: Moana, All Eyez On Me, The Young Pope, and more

All the shows and movies you should be looking out for

So what's everyone been watching? Over the weekend, I caught two movies I'd seen already (but hadn't watched in quite a few years): Boogie Nights and Ran. One thing I noticed about both this time through is how often they use long, unbroken takes — though each does so in a completely different way. In Boogie Nights, Paul Thomas Anderson keeps the camera moving from point to point within his long takes, voyeuristically popping in on new groups of people and giving you the feeling of being in this whirling, vibrant party. In Ran, on the other hand, Akira Kurosawa tends to just let the scene go as his actors talk and debate, making it seem like you're really watching these events unfold. It gives his actors a lot of room to work and can make for some pretty powerful, unflinching scenes as the camera refuses to break away from rising tempers, obvious lies, and devious persuasion. I really love them both — there's just so much to dig into.

Anyway, this is one of the more interesting weeks for trailers, with the variety of style and subject bouncing all across the board, from a Tupac biopic to a Holocaust denial drama. There are nine trailers from this week below.


Disney's charm offensive for Moana begins now. A first trailer for its next musical came out this week and basically there's just too much to like. The Rock voices a demigod who ends up assisting the journey of an adventurous teenage girl named Moana. We're sold already. It comes out November 23rd.

All Eyez On Me

The first trailer for All Eyez On Me came out yesterday on what would have been Tupac Shakur's 45th birthday. The film follows Shakur's rise as an artist, but it seems to be placing equally important weight on his experience as a black man and issues like police violence that remain every bit as pertinent today. The film hits theaters on November 11th.

The Young Pope

I'm pretty sure this is House of Cards but with a Pope instead of a president. I could be wrong here. But that's definitely the vibe I'm getting. Jude Law and Diane Keaton star. The show will air on HBO and Sky, but neither have release dates yet.


A Holocaust denial drama doesn't sound like it'd make for a particularly compelling movie, but the first trailer for Denial definitely has me hooked. Rachel Weisz stars as historian and author Deborah Lipstadt in this portrayal of the court battle Lipstadt went through after being sued by a Holocaust denier she'd called out in a book. It opens September 30th.

Pete's Dragon

Disney's second movie of the week, Pete's Dragon, looks like the kind of goofy, heartwarming adventure that'll get families out to the theater right before summer vacation winds to a close. The film's essentially about a kid Tarzan who happens to a have a furry, invisible pet dragon. The furriness really sells it. The film comes out August 12th.

Morris From America

After winning over audiences at Sundance this year, Morris From America is closing in on a theatrical release. The film is a coming-of-age story about a young kid trying to adjust to his surroundings after moving from the US to Germany — while also trying to become a hip-hop star at the same time. This first trailer makes it look pretty charming and funny, and like a nice twist on what's otherwise a familiar formula. The film comes out August 19th.

Life, Animated

Don't click play on this unless you're prepared to tear up. The documentary Life, Animated follows Owen Suskind, who as a young boy with autism began using Disney films to connect with the world. It looks like an emotional, thoughtful window into the life of Owen and his family, as they go through a pretty unique journey learning to communicate. The film starts hitting theaters on July 1st.

The Night Of

HBO's next miniseries is The Night Of, a crime drama that's supposed to track the proceedings of a murder case from all angles. It looks tense, but it's hard to make much out of just this trailer. The main thing to know: it comes from the screenwriter behind Moneyball and Schindler's List. The series starts July 10th.

Theo Who Lived

This is pretty tough to watch. Theo Padnos, a journalist who was held prisoner for two years in Syria, returns to the country he was held captive in for a documentary discussing the conditions of his life while under an Al Qaeda branch's control. The film premieres September 30th in New York and will expand to other cities across the US after that.